How to organize a “so British” wedding?

When we speak of “so British” marriage, we simply mean that you could borrow the extravagant but elegant touch of our neighbors across the Channel. We don’t want to turn you into Bridget Jones, of course! Although the idea of ​​an evening with Hugh Grant is not to displease us. Once things are clear between us, we can take you on a trip to organize your wedding. From your bachelorette party to menus and decoration, we have put together all the best ideas for a “so British” wedding.”

This tradition crosses borders to come and settle in royal lands under the pretty name of “hen do “. If the principle is the same, the realization is quite different. On the side of our English friends, the EVJF takes the form of a long weekend focused exclusively on the bride. The goal is to show her how important and sublime she is: real praise, in short, to help her overcome everything she can hear during the preparations for her marriage.

A small group of close friends takes care of the secret organization of the event. On D-Day, the bride is awakened at dawn for an unknown destination. City dwellers prefer a quiet corner in the pretty English countryside for homecoming and calm. Then the activities are quite close to ours: evenings between girls, disguises, and gossip are in the spotlight.

You do not want to miss the latest trends for your wedding?

Besides this evening, the friends generally prepare funny little games to do with the bride. The best known of all is called “Mister and Missus”: the bride’s friends ask the different groom questions about the latter ( what is her favorite book? Her biggest regret? Etc. ). During the evening, the same questions are asked of the bride-to-be: she must then predict what her Jules answered! Then the real answer is given … The only negative point is that Jules risks big if he answers next to the plate.

FYI: Kate Middleton took advantage of a music-themed evening specially organized by her famous sister Pippa while Kate Moss left for a crazy music festival with her closest friends.

For flowers, we advise you to keep things clear and simple. We would bet on old roses, peonies in retro, classic tones. Unlike us, the English prefer to remain sober even for flowers. So your bouquet will be able to pay homage to the British flag but while remaining in light colors.

The famous British D-Day

“Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”: this English tradition has it that the bride wears one accessory of each to bring good luck. You can, therefore, bet on a little touch of color on your accessories and not on the outfit because the dress must indeed remain white to symbolize purity. For the rest, just borrow from your mom or grandmother and then add something that comes from you.

The bride traditionally arrives after the groom, as with us elsewhere, but the latter has no right to turn around. He will discover the bride once she is next to him. You will not escape the famous rice throw, which is also a custom across the Channel.


To finish our menu, we must obviously talk about delicacies! Elisa advises you to have a double-story cake, but while sober, rivalry obliges our little Britons are not fans of huge and pompous American-style wedding cakes. So you can definitely bet on the latest dessert trend: the naked cake. The little extra? The Candy Bar is a must in the UK, so go buy some candy!

We hope you enjoyed this little visit to this country where it rains all the time. Rest assured, and you don’t have to cross the Channel to organize your wedding, following our advice, the United Kingdom will come to you.