Corbett Honeymoon Packages For Couple


If you are not interested in stereotype honeymoon destinations then you can book your honeymoon trip with Corbett Honeymoon Packages. You can spend your honeymoon trip with adventure and great thrill. You can spend and enjoy your honeymoon trip with your newly wed amidst nature and with great adventure. Here with the help of Corbett Honeymoon Packages you will get the chance to explore the beautiful Corbett.Previously this national park was known as Hailey National Park and since from that time some changes has made in the park. This national park is located in Uttarakhand, India and it attracts lots of tourists from all over. This national park is the house of many kinds of animals, birds and plants. You along with your new life partner will definitely enjoy the beauty and the charm of this entire place. If you are interested in enjoying the scenic beauty and adventure in your honeymoon trip then you should book your honeymoon trip with Corbett Honeymoon Packages. There are many places for the honeymoon couple to enjoy here. Some of the important places are:1. Dhikala: It is a place which offers magnificent views of the valley and it is located at the end point of Patli Dun valley. You should enjoy your honeymoon trip with Corbett Honeymoon Packages by watching the beautiful view from the watchtower and a historic structure of an old rest house.2. Corbett National Park: This national park is full of sal and sesham trees. This park is a house of variety of species of animals and birds. You along with your life partner can explore the jungle by riding the back of an elephant or by taking the jeep safari. Some of the important animals which you can spot there are elephants, langaurs, wild boar, tigers, deer, Himalayan black bear, Jackal sloth bear etc.3. Jhirna: Here you can enjoy the drier landscape and also the hills which are covered with bamboo patches. It is the house of many birds and animals. Basically this place is a rest house which is located on the road to Kalagarh in the park.4. Corbett Museum: It is the museum which is located at Dhangarhi houses and it also has some belongings of the founder of the Corbett National Park, Jim Corbett.5. Garija Devi: It is a temple and many people visit this place to offer their prayers. You should visit this place with Corbett Honeymoon Packages.

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